Defeating Covid-19 with collaboration and connectivity 

The Darwinian theory of natural selection holds that it is not the strongest of the species that survives, or even the most intelligent, but the most adaptable.

Overnight we all had to adjust to new ways of living and working amid this global pandemic, and we are faced with interesting questions:
• How will these shifts impact us long term?
• Will the habits we’ve formed and the new technology we’ve
   relied on so much over the past few weeks become our new
• Will COVID-19 serve as a change agent, transforming the way we use technology?

In many ways, recent technology advancements are doing more than changing how we work. They have helped us adhere to social distancing and stay-at-home orders, keeping non-essential workers at home while those on the frontlines head out every day to help fight this battle.
This pandemic is also an indicator of how reliant we are on connectivity.

How good was your experience?

After spending a few months getting used to this distance learning and remote work, it’s likely that demand for these types of services will go up as we move forward. People will continue to demand quality, 24/7 connections – even as we slowly return to “normal.”
Employees who were used to traveling to an office every day have begun to complete their work from home. Frequent travellers are learning to conduct business in new ways. How well are we supporting our employees and how much flexibility should they be given?

Why internal communication is the key
For some at the start of the lock down, business continuity would have seemed impossible without the right technology in place. Covid-19 over the last two months has significantly influenced the way companies are now running their business and supporting their people.
This is not localised disruption. It has created a worldwide change in the way companies interact internally with their employees and externally with their customers. Some employees have thrived in lock down and others have struggled with every minute. However what we do know is that the traditional company structure has changed forever. The new normal is looking very different. Workplaces that are following a concrete footpath and not looking at change will find it digital transformation difficult in the future

Companies are now focusing on how our processes can be made more efficient, how we reach our customers and let them know we are here to support them and how we ensure our employees are okay under such intense change personally, and in the work place.
Additionally, while contemplating these changes, companies are trying to remain open while trying to make a profit.
Many businesses have taken this as a chance to jump straight into the next part of their IT strategy. Digital transformation does take time due to significant monetary and human resource investment.

        Research shows 90% of CEOs believe the digital economy will have a major impact on their industry. But only 25% have a plan in place and less than 15% are funding and executing a digital transformation plan. (Forbes, 2020)

Many employers are focusing on their teams first and looking at it as a digital journey. Buy-in from employees is becoming centre stage and people are understanding why it is so important. Employees are taking an interest in the process and they are gaining a deeper understanding of the supply chain, processes becoming more agile and innovative with flexible business models.

Where do you sit?

Note: The author works for ITCO and actively involved in ZoomCloud remote working.

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It is designed to help employees have access to their desktop wherever they are in the world and to continue engaging with the company's most up-to-date files, latest software and backup documents. Furthermore the company is able to benefit from the flexibility to tailor software and agility to scale up or down with the business needs.
With ZoomCloud it is much easier to connect and engage with your employees and know your documents are up to date, safe and secure. We are acutely aware that change is hard – if your user is using Windows 10 they will see very little change in their current desktop. We encourage users to ask questions and collaborate, especially when your organisation is undergoing digital transformations.
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